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Cosmic Earth Wellness Podcast, hosted by Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner, Brooke Berger. Her passion is to live an Empowered Life of Freedom and Sovereignty while bridging our true soul self and essence for the world. This podcast includes topics like Nature, Adventure, Eco Friendly ways of living, Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Mindfulness, Mysticism, Metaphysics and so much more.Brooke Berger is a Creatrix of all forms. She loves to make pottery, weave on her loom, play with different colors and fabrics, knits, sews, designs and creates jewelry, paints, crafts many trinkets of all forms, currently loves learning and beginning her journey with plant dying fabric. Her passion for nature, cooking, growing organic herbs and vegetables and herbalism gets expressed in many ways in her life. Brooke is a Yoga Teacher who also gives Sound Baths (with many instruments) to people both in 1:1 sessions and group settings. She specializes in body alignment, balancing the left and right side of the body so people can live a more centered path, especially from their heart~ through her guidance of focusing on heart opening practices. Her passion for wellness shines through her Life & Soul Counseling Sessions that she offers individually to clients. She really supports people living a well-balanced life: one of freedom, sovereignty, living from one's passions, purpose, gifts, talents and life mission here on earth. One of her offerings is a package session of a Sound Bath with Reiki, forming crystal grids under and on the person, with Massage and Body Oils she makes with herbs and Essential Oils. Some of the instruments she utilizes in a Sound Bath are crystal singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowl, hang drum, hand drum, rattles, the four elemental koshi bells and many more. Brooke was born and grew up in South Florida and is currently living in the beautiful land of Vermont. She has lived in many places such as Taos, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, California. Find Brooke’s Website and Offerings here on her linktree where you can check out her work and more about her life::

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