Hi-Fi, Meet Mumbai.

Wireless music, in every room.

What is Sonos?

Sonos is the wireless home sound system that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music, movies and TV. Stream via WiFi. Play whatever you're craving. And amp up every moment with intense, pulse-pounding sound.

Sonos wireless speakers are custom designed for every space in your home. Set up with the push of a button, and get unrivaled performance with zero drop-outs. Known by audiophiles for its warm, full-bodied sound that's crystal clear at any volume, Sonos plays with no skips, delays, or drops, and always in perfect sync across every room.

More About Sonos

How do I start?

It's easy! Just three simple steps:

  1. If you haven't already, download the Saavn app and start your subscription.
  2. Open the Sonos app on your phone or computer.
  3. Tap Add Music Services, and select Saavn.

That's it! Follow the on-screen instructions to link your account and you'll be listening in no time.