The JioSaavn 10.

Our Culture.

  1. Bigger Than Music

    JioSaavn is a lifestyle, a positivity, and curator of life's most valuable asset: time. People are choosing to spend time with us, it's our responsibility to always delight. Music does not just fill headphones. It's fuel for life.

  2. People First

    We are the sum of everyone we work with, internally and externally. Everyone has something tough going on, whether at work or at home. Treat people with care; the tough things will seem less like mountains and more like moments.

  3. Invest 1/24th

    Spend one hour each day on yourself. At the gym, on a run, or even just reading, take some time away from the screens that fill our lives. These selfish moments of physical and mental health compound. Schedule this time and don't miss it.

  4. Without Character, There Is No Story

    Character is how we behave when nobody is around. The company takes on the qualities of everyone who spends time here. As we build the company and industry story, let's operate with healthy core values.

  5. Working Alone Means Going Fast, Working Together Means Going Far

    Every success story has a team behind it. We are a team of teams. When things are great, it's a team behind it. When we make mistakes, the whole team learns.

  6. Surround Yourself With Truth

    If we don't tell the truth to ourselves and our colleagues, we'll be far from the business we wish to be. Truth and transparency create trust.

  7. Mistakes Are Great Teachers

    We will all make mistakes. In fact, it's required. If we're not making mistakes, we're not trying enough new things. Let's shift our mindset to understand mistakes are a platform for improvement and growth.

  8. Serve Feedback Hot

    Every day is an opportunity to get better and tune performance. When feedback is not served hot, it becomes side talk and gossip. This breaks companies faster than any competitor ever will. Give constructive feedback, rate your meetings, and address conflct directly.

  9. Desire To Learn > Need To Be Right

    Put your ego and title aside. Nobody knows everything, and everyone has the capacity to get better.

  10. Be A Source Of Light

    Everyone who comes in contact with JioSaavn recognizes something special is happening. In life, the need for light is great, but the sources are often few. Let's be humbled and honored to be a positive part of of people's lives. There is no greater compliment.