Music Rights

Like any relationship, it's complicated.   :)

JioSaavn's catalog includes over 80 million songs across more than a dozen languages, growing every day.

We work directly with labels and distributors to bring you the biggest (and best) selection of music available, as fast as possible.

From time to time, you may discover tracks on JioSaavn that are disabled, greyed out, or not available for listening. There are a variety of reasons this can happen, so here are some brief explanations about why they happen, and what we're doing about it:

Why did you make some songs "Unavailable"?

First and foremost, JioSaavn actually never restricts your content on our own. Restrictions always come from the labels who own the rights, and the contracts signed to acquire those rights. Some labels limit access based on platforms, countries, regions, or in some cases restrict it altogether.

"Unavailable" content will be rare on JioSaavn, with the exception of English content which is only available in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. As with other restrictions, this is due to label rights and not something we've imposed ourselves. In the rare event content does become unavailable, the reason is typically that a license or contract was not renewed, or the label rights changed hands and the new owners have not renewed their agreement. We work very hard to avoid cases like this.

Licensing music is a difficult and complicated process. Unlike many services, it's important to us that we always deliver content 100% legally. This means wading (and waiting) through complex licensing agreements and copyright laws. For new content, and at times for renewals on classic content, it often takes longer than we'd like.

Bottom Line:

If you find a song or album is unavailable, especially a new release or a popular track, you can be certain that we're already hard at work trying to get it for you and we never restrict content unless we're legally obliged to do so.

What about songs I used to have that are now missing or "Unavailable"?

Rest assured, your playlists are never changed or deleted, even if some music becomes unavailable. We have all your playlists safely saved, in their entirety; any disabled tracks will automatically be restored the instant they become available. In most cases, you should still see those songs in your lists with an "Unavailable" tag next to them.

Why are some songs and albums "Pro Only"?

Ocassionally, artists or labels may decide to restrict their content only to paying Pro subscribers. This is not unique to JioSaavn, and is a decision they make for their content on all services. We make every effort to avoid these cases, but it's also very important to us that we respect artists and make sure their content is made available in whatever manner they feel is best.

In these cases, the content will immediately become available to you once you sign up for Pro, so if you haven't already we encourage you to give it a try! Some great exclusive content is just another reason to add to the list of Pro benefits: saving on data charges, downloading content so you can listen offline, and removing all ads! Pro is simply the best way to experience your music on JioSaavn.