Brand Guide.

How to use JioSaavn logos and trademarks.

Looking for logos? You've come to the right place!

But before we share, please read and comply with all rules below to ensure you're respecting our brand, trademarks, and restrictions.

These guidelines are intended to make it easy to integrate JioSaavn into your marketing, press, and social media communications. By using these resources, you agree to be bound by all restrictions below, and to comply with any requests to take down, update, or cease use of assets at any time.

If you have any questions about proper use, or require assistance, please contact us any time.


In addition to the primary layout, there is one acceptable variant of the JioSaavn logo: icon-only.


JioSaavn Logo

Please choose either the primary logo, unless the JioSaavn brand has already been well-established in your UI or materials. If you'd like to use the icon-only logo, please contact us for written approval.

Misuse & No-No's

When using the JioSaavn logo, please abide by all the guidelines on this page at all times. Please do not use any old versions of the logo or alter the logo files in any way except proportional resizing. If you're unsure of proper use, please ask.

Text & Basics

Text Display

When written as text (eg. in articles, emails, etc), JioSaavn is always a capitalized word: uppercase "J", uppercase "S", lowercase "io", and lowercase "aavn". It should not be written as jiosaavn (all lowercase) or JIOSAAVN (all uppercase).


Spoken aloud, JioSaavn is correctly pronounced "GEE-OH-SAH-VIN"... not "SAY-VIN", "SAH-VAHN", or "SAH-VAN".