Saavn Radio on Windows 10

Product · Mar 3, ’16 · Poornima Hanumara, Director, User Research

We’re excited to announce that Saavn on Windows 10 now has Radio functionality – on any PC, tablet or Phone that has Windows 10! Since we launched Saavn for Windows in August of 2015, we’ve welcomed an amazing group of Windows listeners to Saavn – streaming a record breaking number of songs, and giving us lots of love (4.3…

No Data, All Play: Welcome to Saavn FreeStream (Beta)

Product · Apr 24, ’15 · Poornima Hanumara, Director, User Research

If you ask India’s 1.3 billion people whether they listen to music, in some form, on a daily basis, you’d probably receive 1.199 billion “yesses.” 100 million of these people (and more, each day) have smartphones in hand, with infinite choices for mobile listening. Only one of those choices requires no out-of-pocket cost, guarantees a…

#LetsPlay – Introducing Saavn Social!

Product · Apr 9, ’15 · Sneha Mehta

We’re excited to announce the launch of something game-changing…Saavn Social is here! With today’s update of the Saavn app (available free now in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store), you can tag friends, follow artists, and – yes! – even music chat on Saavn. We’re making music social, starting today! If music…

Happy Diwali – Listen to Saavn on Sonos!

Product · Oct 21, ’14 · JioSaavn

We are excited to announce a Saavn Beta program on the Sonos Labs platform (, just in time for Diwali! At Saavn, we strive to provide the best music listening experience to our users  – and now, Saavn Pro users will be able to enjoy Saavn’s catalog of over two million tracks on their HiFi Sonos speakers….

Saavn Music Feeds the Firefox

Product · Feb 7, ’14 · JioSaavn

If you love Saavn (we know you do) and Firefox, then we’ve got news for you! We’re thrilled to announce the Saavn Feed for Firefox – the easiest way for you to discover new music and listen to your favorites, all while you browse the web. The Saavn Music Feed for Firefox constantly updates you…

Say Hello to Pro

Product · Feb 5, ’13 · Sneha Mehta

This week, we’re making our single biggest product announcement since we launched on mobile 2 years ago: Saavn Pro! Coming soon, it’s the first South Asian music service to offer you a completely offline listening experience… and, it’s ad-free. Just you and your music. Yippee-ki-yay, Saavn lovers! Check out our awesome preview video and sign…

Happy Ending

Product · Apr 14, ’11 · Sneha Mehta

When we launched Saavn Music for Android, users on slower networks, especially users in India, reported streaming issues. In order to make the majority of Saavn mobile listeners happy, we rolled out a rapid fix: variable bit rates. With our original variable bit rate feature, Saavn Music automatically detected the speed of your network and…

My Android Goes Hmmm

Product · Dec 1, ’10 · Sneha Mehta

Salaam, namaste! You may have noticed we’ve gone missing for a while, and that’s a good thing. We’ve rolled out some major product enhancements on and launched a partnership with Google. But the really big news is… Saavn for Android is here! Saavn Music, our first native mobile app for Android, went live this…


News, Product · Sep 17, ’10 · Sneha Mehta

Ready to enjoy Bollywood music again? Welcome to, where it’s all about the music and nothing but the music! We’re super-excited about the brand new site, which brings you a seamless Bollywood listening experience with the easiest search and fastest results – and absolutely no annoying pop-ups. You can find anything you’re looking for on…