[F|Ph]onetics at Saa[vn|wan]

Engineering · Apr 27, ’18 · Lekha Muraleedharan, Senior Software Engineer - Search Relevance

The Saavn music catalogue contains 40 million songs, spanning over a hundred different Indian languages. These songs have names containing Indian words but the app stores and displays these names in Roman script (i.e. English). Search over such a multilingual and heterogeneous catalogue is a mammoth task which brings us face-to-face with a number of…

Building a Search Microservice at Saavn

Engineering · Apr 13, ’18 · Akshay Murarka, Senior Software Development Engineer

Since its inception, Saavn has used REST architecture for it’s suite of core products, and like most apps, the underlying protocol has been HTTP. This has been performing great for us, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. With access to ever-evolving technology, and an increasing user base, we’re committed to finding new ways…

Building an Entity Extraction Layer for Semantic Search

Engineering · Mar 20, ’18 · Lekha Muraleedharan, Senior Software Engineer - Search Relevance

At Saavn, search is the entry point to 36 million songs across hundreds of languages. In fact, over a quarter of our streams start from a search. Our listeners search for music in unique ways apart from the obvious queries containing just song names, or artist names. The other day a listener queried “old hindi…