The year 2020 brought upon us, a situation which changed the world as we knew it. While some people coped with the highly stressful situation by following cooking trends, others recorded choreographies and took up DIY projects. Through this all, the one thing that remained constant for the world was – music. From orchestras playing to a theatre full of plants, to artists keeping their neighbors’ spirits up by playing instruments in their balconies, humans used art to survive a pandemic.

The nostalgia that comes with listening to old music gave humanity faith to hold on to times that they were forced to move from and new music gave them hope for the future. The innovation that the global music industry displayed brought to the front unique online performances which not only gave the audiences hope, but also tied the larger ecosystem tighter together. At JioSaavn, we worked hard to do our part – As COVID-19 shuttered concerts, festivals and the live performance circuit for the foreseeable future, JioSaavn announced an initiative to keep live music thriving, and offer alternate revenue streams to artists. JioSaavn Live Anywhere was introduced and focussed on creating new tools for artists in India to monetize with the IP.

In addition to this we created numerous playlists and supported CSR initiatives to keep spirits up. This year, we are bringing new hope to the ‘new normal’ with ‘Find your Dhun’. We all have our comfort dhun, a dhun that motivates us, a dhun that helps us send a love note, a dhun that takes us back years to that one place, with those set of friends, whichever one we are feeling in the moment, there is always a dhun in our heads. Tying into the larger Jio Entertainment ecosystem, the brand also unveils its new logo, which keeps the nostalgia of the legacy that JioSaavn has built over the years while showcasing a refreshed identity that merges it to the Jio family of products and services. This visual identity will also strengthen our position of being a platform which is constantly working towards building on their offerings for artists and consumers.

‘Find your Dhun’ is an endeavor to encourage our varied audiences to tap into their favourite audio moments with the best offers out there. The brand brings affordable options for audiences across demographics to be able to access the brand’s catalog of 80mn+ dhuns across 16 languages. Adding on to their commitment to providing the best platform for consumers and creators, JioSaavn introduces their two new programs in association with partners who will create a viable environment for the best talent to come forth.

With this new look and feel, staying in line with ever changing audience behavior, the brand aims to provide something for everyone across it’s all-encompassing audience base. Keeping in line with the brand’s attempt to wean off as many customers from piracy and still be able to stream quality audio at affordable rates, the audio streaming service will launch a series of programs and pro packs throughout the duration of the campaign.