It’s been an uncertain time in the world, more so in India with the second wave of Covid19. It’s been a year that has pushed many to the edge – mentally, emotionally and physically. It has also pushed us in other ways – to put people first, to step up for our family, friends and colleagues and even people we’ve never met and probably never will, to do everything we can for as long as we can. It has been a testament to the undying human spirit that wants to do better. 

This June, JioSaavn celebrates Pride for the third year in a row. In the years gone by, we focused on making our music inclusive through curation, using our platform to spread the radical need for acceptance and coexistence. This year we are celebrating alongside our Pride partners at the Keshav Suri Foundation who’ve helped shape our initiatives. Through our in-app features and a special JioSaavn Live Anywhere with artists like Leo Kalyan we hope to help the Foundation raise  funds for members of the LGBTQIA+ community who have been affected by the Covid19 pandemic.

We continue to be committed to making art inclusive. We will be highlighting creators from the community who have been champions of the movement. Through the month of June our curation teams will be highlighting music and podcasts that emulate the ethos of Pride month. Our JioSaavn for Creators team will be hosting a panel on how musicians, podcasters and Creators can contribute to making the entertainment ecosystem more inclusive. 

As we continue to leverage our 100MM+ user platform to take the message of radical acceptance to the world, we are also looking inwards. We will be partnering with D&I consultants through the year to help our teams and leaders create an environment that fosters diversity and belongingness, allowing teams to ask the right questions and build an inclusive workforce for all. 

As a company we continue to grow and learn beyond June and hope to celebrate the unique voices and stories all year round. 

Listen now to the Sounds Of PRIDE Playlist & Podcast modules.