Music is for everyone. And so is love.

If there’s one thing we know about music, it’s that it knows no borders. At JioSaavn, we’ve been fortunate enough to build an entire company around the universality of music and the cultural underpinnings that keep us coming back to our favorite songs and playlists regardless of where in the world we live.

But there’s something else that’s universal — an element of human life that doesn’t fit into any one rule, preference or dynamic. Love, like music, of course, is for everyone.

Across the world right now, people are celebrating love in all of its forms. They’re celebrating freedom, understanding, respect, and equality. We’re celebrating alongside them.

To commemorate PRIDE Month in our own small way, JioSaavn is making a few changes to our logo and branding whilst also increasing awareness across our offices in India and the US. We’re also encouraging the larger JioSaavn community of music lovers and creators to join us. All we ask is that you support each other, allowing space for each individual’s freedom of expression — whatever that may mean to you.

Because when we all have the freedom to be authentically us, the universal melody sounds a lot like love.

Happy PRIDE!