As music makers and music lovers, you’ve probably noticed the seemingly unending stream (no pun intended) of new artists and music.

The truth is, the music you do notice barely skims the surface of all the music currently out there in the world. The industry has become increasingly competitive, with artists finding it difficult to break through the noise, carve out a niche, and gain visibility.

Emerging artists have always been faced with a labyrinth of questions, for which the answers are generally ambiguous and nuanced — but in the digital age, it’s even more complex. Where are your fans? Who are they? What song will take off and make you immortal, and what song will be forgotten? Most artists are new in the industry, and it’s overwhelming to take on these decisions while also focusing on their art.

At Saavn, we know millions of music listeners around the world; we have a strong grasp on the data most valuable to musicians, and we have a well-staffed team and the technological competence to extract this data and deliver it to them. With our new tool, Artists Insights, we’re now able to help artists better understand their fans and music trajectory. They can now take fan engagement into their own hands and can grow as musicians on their own terms.

Artists Insights is a data dashboard. It’s a treasure trove of information about artists’ music and fan base, including details on age, gender, top cities, and more. With our dashboard, artists now have access to an audience analysis that is more robust and in-depth than ever before, helping them plan their events and live shows based on where their fans are.

It goes even further. Artists can also check the performance of their new tracks and albums within hours of release. They can compare these stats with past releases, and they can keep an eye on trending songs and albums. This data allows artists to better curate their setlist for a live show, for example, or they can bring that data into the studio.

Saavn ran a beta test for Artists Insights with a handful of artists last fall, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re proud to say that there has never been a dashboard like this for South Asian artists, and people are noticing.

Most importantly, the dashboard reveals the truth. Many artists and their managers have told us they see this data as the most honest indicator of their performance and audience size. Fan pages of social media platforms can be manipulated, but Saavn’s numbers are concrete.

There’s no right or wrong way to use Artists Insights. Many artists are excited to share their streaming and listeners traction with brands and sponsors for added revenue opportunities. Some want to reach out to their fans about concerts and new releases. Others want to cut out the middlemen and work directly with clubs and venues in the cities that love them most. How the data is used is up to the artists. What’s important is that they have it.

With a data-centric approach to music, Saavn is on a mission to give more power to artists who want to find success on their own terms. This opens up a whole new world of artist visibility — and more music seen, means more music heard.

Check out Artist Insights here.