Ah, Valentine’s Day. Nothing’s more divisive than the day of love. But whether you believe in going out on a limb, or treat is just like any other day, you won’t be able to keep music out of it.

At Saavn, we love music (obviously), and we love data. It’s the secret love potion that powers your music on Saavn. We studied the music you streamed on Valentine’s Day to win the proverbial key to your heart. We were curious to see if your listening patterns could help us understand if you are hopeless romantics, indifferent to love, or possibly even heartbroken. But instead, what we uncovered was this: our users are unapologetically in love… with Arijit Singh!

Now, before you say you don’t need to sift through the listening habits of millions of users to discover that Hindi music listeners obviously love Arijit Singh, take a deep breath. We are saying a lot more than that. Check out these numbers on romantic songs.

In 2016, most of the top-streamed love songs on Valentine’s Day featured Arijit. Check out, Sanam Re, the top pick for the day. Mellow, happy, and obviously, by Arijit. It’s safe to assume that users who were happy in their relationships, or with their romantic prospects, had this song on loop. Move down the ladder, and you’ll find Soch Na Sake, and Agar Tum Saath Ho – the only two sad songs on the list, and both of them by Arijit. Does this mean even the hopelessly heartbroken turn to Arijit? Also, since sad songs were streamed less, does that mean most Saavn users had happy love lives in 2016? Maybe! But what our data does show for sure is that Saavn users continue to have a fruitful relationship with Arijit.

Valentine’s Day Saavn Top 10 (2016)

(Song / Type of Song*)
  • Sanam Re | Happy, Romantic
  • Soch Na Sake | Sad
  • Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar | Happy, Romantic
  • Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi | Happy, Romantic
  • Gerua | Happy, Romantic
  • Sanam Teri Kasam | Happy, Super-Romantic
  • Deewani Mastani | Happy, Romantic
  • Agar Tum Saath Ho | Sad
  • Love Mashup | Happy, Dance
  • Dono Ke Dono | Looking for Someone Special

Now, let’s switch to the present.

Valentine’s Day Saavn Top 10 (2017)

(Song / Type of Song*)
  • Badri Ki Dulhania | Happy, Romantic
  • Zaalima | Happy, Romantic
  • The Humma Song | Happy, Romantic
  • Tamma Tamma Again | Happy, Romantic
  • Enna Sona | Happy, Romantic
  • Channa Mereya | Sad
  • Nashe Si Chadh Gayi | Looking for Someone Special
  • Bawara Mann | Happy, Romantic
  • Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | Sad
  • Laila Main Laila | Happy Looking for Someone on the Dance Floor

This year, on Valentine’s Day, Arijit wasn’t on top of the charts, but did hold multiple spots in the top 5. While Arijit’s Zaalima is an irresistibly joyful affair, it seems things weren’t as rosy for our users in 2017. Maybe that’s why Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Channa Mereya are entrenched in the top 10. Anyone who had their heart broken would find comfort in these ballads. But as you scroll down the list, you see Nashe Si Chadh Gayi, an Arijit song that’s straight out of a Netflix and Chill situation. Does that mean Arijit can also be a reliable wingman?

The point being that even though Arijit didn’t have the top-streamed song this Valentine’s Day, he is still a powerhouse. And, he’s just not slowing down. So whether you, our beloved user, are happy-in-love, nursing a broken heart, or just putting the moves on someone at a bar, Arijit will be around. So here’s to hoping you find love, and continue to listen to, and love Arijit Singh.

And, to help you fall even harder for Arijit, here’s our special All Arijit playlist, just for you. Happy Listening!

*Type of song is based on our interpretation of the lyrics, we understand that you could interpret it differently.