This week, we’re making our single biggest product announcement since we launched on mobile 2 years ago: Saavn Pro! Coming soon, it’s the first South Asian music service to offer you a completely offline listening experience… and, it’s ad-free. Just you and your music. Yippee-ki-yay, Saavn lovers!

Check out our awesome preview video and sign up to be one of the first Saavn Pro users at

You already know Saavn as the best music service, giving you full access to browse and share from the largest music library, online and on the go. No piracy, no malware – and easy as ek, do, teen.  But with Saavn Pro, we’re redefining “anytime, anywhere.” No signal? No worries! All you need to do is hit the cloud next to any song to save your music for offline listening (this is called “caching”); or you can save an entire playlist with a single click. When you have Saavn Pro, no matter where you go (planes, tranes, autorickshaws), your music goes with you. Whether you’re on-board, out of town, or just out of network, you never lose your connection to your music.

Here are all the deets:

  • Ad-Free Music: No ads, no interruptions – period. Not on Saavn Music for iPhone and Android, and not on, when you sign in with your Pro account.
  • Offline Listening: Take your music offline on up to 5 devices per account.
  • Sync Over Cellular Toggle: Choose whether to use WiFi or your cellular data connection to cache your music for offline listening.
  • Pro Audio: Access to the highest-fi music (320 kbps) so your music sounds rich, clear, and, well…like the original recording!
  • Platforms: Launching on iPhone soon; followed by Android and other platforms later this year.
  • Launch Date: TBA, but trust us, it’s coming soon!

Ready, set, pro!