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XZBF: JW Farquhar - A Report on the Mathematical Foundation of Intelligent Design in the Bible

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Intelligent Design is a concept that considers life on earth the result of some intelligent cause, rather than from some undirected process, such as natural selection. It is the name of a movement consisting of a body of scientists, philosophers, and other scholars who seek evidence of design in nature. Those who oppose Intelligent Design consider it creationism, and most of these opponents promote evolution instead. This battle of ideas is often called the Creation-evolution Controversy. But is it creation verses evolution, or the Bible verses reason, or religion verses reason? There are many who claim that the Bible is not reasonable because the Creation is not scientifically logical, and that evolution is not included in Genesis I. The key to making the Bible reasonable is interpreting Genesis I from the logical standpoint of its intelligent design, instead of the Creationist interpretation. This is a report on the emperical detection of intelligent design of the Bible that reveals the Bible's scientifically logical foundation and reveals reason to be a partner to faith instead of an opponent. Since the creationist view of Intelligent Design and the evolutionist view are both theories and not yet proven, there is room for another viewpoint-The Intelligent Design of the Bible. This report is based on the scientific method, which is often referred to as a five-step process-observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, and evaluation. Following is a condensed review of the examination of the Bible's Genesis I for the presence of an intelligent design that (a) fulfills a reasonable answer to the purpose of the creation, (b) forms the foundation of the Bible, and (c) is consistent with science, mathematics, and evolution. - www.mark7publishing.com, www.666markbeast.com and www.intelligentdesigngod.com

41m 28s  ·  Oct 27, 2020

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