Unsafe Spaces: Tampa's Missing Men

Unsafe Spaces: Tampa's Missing Men



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For close to two decades, gay men in Tampa were disappearing at an alarming rate.It was only as America became more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community that people, and the media, actually started to care that these men were missing.And in the wake of a decades-long battle for equality, it was all the more devastating for the gay community to discover: It was one - or maybe even two - of their own who were responsible for what would become some of Florida’s most heinous and disturbed crimes.Unsafe Spaces continues the style and ambition of host Josh Hallmark's True Crime Bullsh** podcast. It is obsessive, curious, challenging; and examines not just the crimes it covers, but the cultural and political impacts of and on them.Unsafe Spaces arrives in your podcast feed on October 19th.

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