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TMR 2021: Who's on Youtube- Akash Banerjee, Barkha Dutt, Sujit Nair, Ashok Kumar, Arfa Khanum

The Media Rumble podcast

Episode   ·  35 Plays

Episode  ·  35 Plays  ·  59:48  ·  Nov 12, 2021


In this session of The Media Rumble, titled "Who's on YouTube", Akash Banerjee, the founder and host of Deshbhakt, interacted with Sujit Nair, co-founder and managing director of HW News Network; Ashok Das, editor of Dalit Dastak; Arfa Khanum, senior editor of The Wire, and Barka Dutt, pioneer of television journalism and the founder of MoJo Story. The panel discussed the independence of the digital space in reporting real stories to the people. The speakers elaborated on their experiences in the television media and the ways in which it was different from the digital space. They also highlighted the need to form a news community that would support reports from the ground and thereby contribute in a media organisation's sustainability.Time codes:0:00 to 1:43 - Introduction and agenda of the session1:43 to 19:40- Making the shift to YouTube and Opportunities19:40 to 27:07 - Dealing with hate comments and trolls on YouTube27:07 to 30:40 - Scope of audience on YouTube30:40 to 34:50 - Business viability and sustainability of digital media34:50 to 44:26 - Challenges and dangers of digital media on YouTube44:51 to 50:15 - Future of TV news and interactive audience50:15 to 54:40 - Challenges unique to digital media vis-a-vis legacy media54:40 to 58:49 - Motivation and lack of money in digital media58:49 to 59:33 - Conclusion Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

59m 48s  ·  Nov 12, 2021

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