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TMR 2021: Watching Big Tech- Chitranshu Tewari and Julia Angwin

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Episode  ·  44:13  ·  Nov 12, 2021


In the session of the Media Rumble 2021, titled "Watching Big Tech", Chitranshu Tewari, director, product and revenue, at Newslaundry, was in conversation with Julia Angwin. A Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, Julia is the co-founder of Markup, a news portal best known for its investigative journalism in the field of technology. The objective of the session was to discuss tech reporting and the challenges faced by newsrooms such as Markup. Julia talked about hotly debated issues such as inequality in content moderation of online speech in countries like India vis à vis the United States. She also talked about the revenue models of media platforms like Markup, changes in the tech journalism space, and the increase in reader interest in the ramifications of unregulated big tech.Time codes:0:00 to 1:48 Introduction1:48 to 5:0 Programmers in the newsroom: using technology to report on technology5:01 to 10:12 Importance of releasing data sets and transparency10:12 to 13:00 Balancing source protection with reader trust13:00 to 16:43 Policy framework to ensure that platforms do not block information access16:43 to 22:22 Inequality in content moderation of online speech22:22 to 29:00 Revenue model for tech reporting and use of third party trackers29:00 to 31:00 Change in tech reporting space from consumer driven to public interest32:37 to 35:14 Reader interest and awareness in tech stories35:14 to 41:42 Media Imperialism and Parachute Journalism41:42 to 43:10 Ways to distribute content beyond mainstream social media Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

44m 13s  ·  Nov 12, 2021

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