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TMR 2021: Represent the Unrepresented-Sanjoy Roy, Ashok Das, Meera Devi, Karma Paljor and Tejaswi

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Episode   ·  23 Plays

Episode  ·  23 Plays  ·  44:23  ·  Nov 3, 2021


The Media Rumble session on "Representing the Unrepresented" was moderated by Sanjoy Roy, managing director at Teamwork Arts. The panel included Ashok Das, editor in chief at Dalit Dastak; Meera Devi, bureau chief at Khabar Lahariya; Karma Paljor, editor in chief of East Mojo and a former news anchor; and Tejaswi, digital editor of Gaysi.Ashok talked about the biggest hurdles in bringing Dalit voices to the public, citing lack of funds and advertisements. He also said the mainstream media turns a blind eye to issues of caste. Meera described the importance of covering stories typically ignored by the mainstream press, and her personal journey from Bandha in Uttar Pradesh. Tejaswi talked about the power of the internet in democratising the media space and bringing LGBTQ+ issues to the forefront, though she added a caveat on its limited accessibility.Timecodes0:00 to 6:50 - Challenges in bringing the dalit voice to the mainstream6:50 to 14:13 - Challenges of running a rural media network 14:13 to 20:40 - Karma on the changing role of the media in the North East20:40 to 26:51 - Tejaswi on the internet democratising of the media26:51 to 29:17 - Karma on covering the environment and climate change in the North East29:17 to 34:14 - Importance of representation34:14 to 39:12 - Stories of female farmers part of the farmers agitation39:12 to 40:36 - Advice to those working in the grassroots40:36 to 42:07 - Future of print media vis-a-vis digital media42:07 to 44:08 - Exclusion based on racism Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

44m 23s  ·  Nov 3, 2021

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