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TMR 2021: Climate Action- Faye D'Souza, Christopher Beaton, Shikha Bhasin, Siddharth Singh

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Episode   ·  5 Plays

Episode  ·  5 Plays  ·  41:05  ·  Nov 12, 2021


The Media Rumble 2021 session on "Climate Action" was moderated by Faye D'Souza, an independent journalist. The panel comprised Christopher Beaton, lead, sustainable energy consumption, at the International Institute of Sustainable Energy Consumption; Shikha Bhasin, programme lead at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water; Siddharth Singh, lead India analyst and coordinator at the International Energy Agency; and Lou Del Bello, special projects editor for The Third Pole. The session began with an address by Elias Marini Schafer, programme officer, Konrad Adenauer Foundation. He explained how a one percent increase in global temperature can affect the marine ecosystem, diversity and food production. Faye then talked about the 2021 UN report on climate change and how governments must mobilise to act. Christopher talked about the feasibility of India's zero emission deadlines.Siddharth, the author of ‘The Great Smog of India’, explained the distinction between air pollution and climate change. He also said the overlap between the two is important, since steps to control greenhouse gases have an impact on air pollutants.Timecodes:0:00 to 1:03 Introduction1:04 to 6:11 Need for developing countries to declare a zero emission deadline6:12 to 7:57 Do we need to start focusing on countries that emit the most CO2?7:58 to 14:08 Role of local governments (city level) in climate change conversations14:09 to 18:09 Collaboration between countries to mitigate climate change18:10 to 25:16 Media reporting on climate change25:17 to 27:20 City-level communication and human stories behind the crisis27:21 to 29:39 Sustainable agriculture solutions at the local level29:40 to 35:04 Drastic measures to combat climate change based on the geography35:04 to 37:35 Role of politics in climate change37:36 to 40:02 Incentives to the private sector to ensure sustainability.40:03 to 40:58 Conclusion Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

41m 5s  ·  Nov 12, 2021

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