The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book



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The Jungle Book is the story about Mowgli, the man-cub, who was raised by a pack of wolves, taught by a soft-spoken yet firm black panther Bagheera, and a happy-go-lucky bear Balloo. With his wolf brothers and friends like the Elephants, Python, Kite, Porcupine, and many others, he goes through many adventures in the jungles. He also had an enemy, a roaring and cunning tiger named Sher Khan who had his eyes on him since he was an infant. During his life, Mowgli learns various lessons, like who to trust and who not to, and the biggest one is to face his fears and never back away. Listen in to this tale which was originally written by Rudyard Kipling. If you like the show, support us by becoming a patron on this link:  Visit our website to know more:   All podcast listening links: Connect with us on our social handles to get all content updates:

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