The Breakdown with Aaron Barker

The Breakdown with Aaron Barker



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The Breakdown is a fast-paced, dynamic talk radio show that is full of life, energy, and the pursuit of happiness.Much like bread is the delivery system of butter, Aaron dispatches the daily news and viral stories with sarcasm, humor, real life examples, and most importantly - solutions to what's plaguing man kind. No topic is off-limits as he endeavors to ask the questions that get you kicked out of Bible study and sent to therapy.Listeners enjoy the topical discussions and the dynamic style of Aaron Barker as he seeks to provoke everyone – Christian and non-Christian alike – to challenge societal norms and think through tough issues we all face. If you would like to learn the art of annoying friends and alienating people - you've come to the right place.Family friendly; fun; energetic; humorous; provocative, The Breakdown with Aaron Barker a force to be reckoned with in talk radio. Join Aaron Barker in Asking the Questions That Get You Kicked Out of Bible Study and Sent to Therapy.Break your conditioning. Seek truth -John 8:32.

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