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Welcome to Seller’s Lounge, the go-to podcast for those who want to stay a step ahead of the curve and be at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of sales. Your host, Pritha Dubey, is a highly-acclaimed international sales trainer who excels in creating sales mega stars for an organization who meet their revenue numbers by combining science of selling with emotional intelligence.  This is not your typical sales podcast. We are cutting through the noise to deliver actionable sales intelligence, decoding challenges faced by CROs, Business Heads, and VPs of Sales. Pritha's expert insights are geared towards actionable, immediate revenue growth and long-term sales strategy. And we are not stopping there. The podcast is also a showcase of the best and latest sales tools, complete with real-time demos designed to accelerate your revenue engine. With Pritha’s credentials as a certified Leadership Coach by Marshall Goldsmith, former Dale Carnegie Trainer, and an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council, you are not just listening to theories but applying tried and true strategies. If you are a Sales Leader or Startup Founder and your goal is not just to meet quotas, but to exceed them dramatically, Seller’s Lounge is your manual for sales success in a VUCA world.

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