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S2 Ep08 The Rise of Koordaa Raakshas Part-2

Josh Ke Saath - weekly kids podcast of made-up Hindi stories

Episode   ·  80 Plays

Episode  ·  80 Plays  ·  24:10  ·  Mar 7, 2020


Welcome back to the latest problem in Kardkard Ganj. Will Koordaa Raakshas be defeated? If so, how? Is he really gone forever? Who finally helps solve this? Find out in this story. Also, HAPPY HOLI. HOLI MUBARAK!!!  Don't forget to send us your STORY-STARTER (a Who, Where and What) at: JoshKeSaath[at]gmail[dot]com Holi Poem and coloring pages Kulture Khazana has provided curated Indian Children's materials to several public libraries, nonprofits, temples, schools and families across the US. Akruti conducts bilingual story time, cultural workshops, professional development workshops for educators, corporate diversity events and shares original children's activities weekly through Kulture Khazana.

24m 10s  ·  Mar 7, 2020

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