Pharma Marketing Playbook: Data, GenAI, and Beyond

Pharma Marketing Playbook: Data, GenAI, and Beyond



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Discover the transformative power of GenAI, Data Analytics, Social Intelligence, and Physician Influencer Marketing that is shaping the future of pharma marketing. Join us, as we pave the pathway to a novel pharma marketing landscape, bringing to you conversations that meet at the intersection of technology and marketing.Hosted by Saumya Prakash, Co-Founder Multiplier AI Solutions, and tailored exclusively for pharma marketers, omnichannel sales heads, VPs of Marketing, SFE heads, and medical affairs professionals, PHARMA MARKETING PLAYBOOK: DATA, GEN AI AND BEYOND is a podcast that is spearheading the dialogues on disruptions in pharma marketing.The podcast serves as a comprehensive playbook of researched opinions, expert insights, and actionable strategies, that industry leaders share to educate and equip listeners to make informed decisions for their business and brand growth.We step away from traditional marketing tactics and unlock the tools, strategies and approaches that are revolutionizing the pharma marketing industry. Brought to you by Multiplier AI Solutions, the only digital marketing company that is leveraging the power of OpenAI, social intelligence, and propriety data to provide better doctor selection, messaging and marketing effectiveness for pharma brands.Know more about us at: 

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