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Learning Radio is yet another attempt to integrate and leverage the EdTech and EduSoMedia in education. With the EklavyaParv - Life Long Learning Mission we are adding one more dream to be dreamed by all! This Podcast is part of the EkalvyaParv Mission of establishing EduPodcasts (Educational Podcasts) as Learning Resources where Teachers and Students Collaborate to Make the Best Happen! Parveen Kumar Sharma is an educator who has been teaching to Learn. The Students are the strong pillars who make these things happen and bring to the world - NEW Learning and New Ways to bridge the gap between What We should DO WITH TECH and what we end up doing! We have also been training Teachers across India in the Skills to make EduPodcasts. Parveen has taken workshops with thousands of teachers, just in the COVID months, made them aware of the potential of Audio and Podcasts. He has also launched one of the unique things in learning - PodMOOCs - Podcasts that are MOOCs. http://eklavyaparv.com/

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