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Your designation does not decide your leadership status. You can be a leader even when you are not the boss. Welcome to the podcast ‘In service of your Potential’, a show curated for professionals aspiring to be leaders of values, worth, and wisdom. The host, Anitha Aswath, Leadership Coach, Talent Development Consultant, and Facilitator brings conversations with business leaders, talent heads, and peer coaches that delve into the Art of Leadership, the Science of talent management, and the Practice of high team engagement. This is your opportunity to step out of theory and step into learning from people who have navigated the leadership journey. As you wrestle through the challenges of hybrid work, changing organizational cultures, you will find here the space and minutes to slow down to listen, immerse and learn with Anitha the best practices, tools, and life coaching wisdom that can help you unleash the leader that you are intrinsically designed to be. Our mailing address is

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