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Finding Product Market Fit: Sajith (Blume) and Prukalpa (Atlan)

The Ashish Sinha Show

Episode   ·  9 Plays

Episode  ·  9 Plays  ·  1:06:16  ·  Feb 12, 2022


Each and every startup has its own unique journey of finding Product market fit. But a broader theme is to understand what goes inside PMF, what are some of the core challenges, decisions that a company can look at and more. In this episode, Sajith Pai of Blume Ventures and Prukalpa of Atlan share their experience of PMF - Sajith as a VC and Prukalpa as a founder This conversation was part of ProductGeeks Conf, India’s largest conference for teams that ship (in partnership with Sequoia Capital and Reverie) and was recorded on FWD app, the learning superapp that enables you to upskill on a daily basis.

1h 6m 16s  ·  Feb 12, 2022

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