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Episode 5: The Uprising

Worlds Turned Upside Down

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Episode  ·  1:14:27  ·  Jan 31, 2024


As the British began to assert control over North America in the wake of the Seven Years' War, the actions of British American settlers and the messages of a native prophet convinced some Indigenous peoples throughout the Ohio Country and beyond that resistance through force was the best way to preserve their sovereignty and usher in the revitalization of their communities. Featuring: Fred Anderson, George Ironstrack, Maeve Kane, and Hayley Madl. Voice Actors: Anne Fertig, Kathyrn Gehred,  David Mckenzie, Loren Moulds, Angel-Luke O’Donnell, Norman Rodger, and Brandon Tachco. Narrated by Jim Ambuske. Find the official transcript here. Worlds Turned Upside Down is a production of R2 Studios at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

1h 14m 27s  ·  Jan 31, 2024

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