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Ep 104 : Shourav Sen on Marketing Innovation - Putting People & Data at the Center of Growth Strategies

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Episode  ·  53:19  ·  Apr 28, 2023


Confluence of data, analytics and insights for Innovation : What is the ideal scenario for data, analytics, and insights to come together for innovation? Examples of the consequences of disregarding insights in favour of raw data & vice verse "Joining the Dots": What is it and why is it vital for marketing success? An example at demonstrates the power of "joining the dots" in making effective marketing decisions "Breaking Habits: The importance of driving and sustaining habit change ? What new tools are being used to achieve this goal? Are there any unique formats being used for generating and testing hypotheses, such as beliefs and goals? Shourav talks about the above areas and the questions surrounding them. Shourav Sen is a Worldwide Director of Strategic Insights and Analytics at Colgate-Palmolive. Shourav is a strategist driving commercial impact through insights & analytics. With over 20 years of Experience across US, China, Middle East & India, he has worked with companies like Colgate-Palmolive, ITC and IMRB Please connect with him on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/shourav-sen-9819273/ Jagged with Jasravee is facilitated by Jasravee Kaur Chandra, Director- Brand Building, Research & Innovation at Master Sun, Consulting Brand of Adiva L Pvt. Ltd. Jasravee has over 20 years experience as a Strategic Brand Builder,Communications Leader and Entrepreneur. Please visit Jasravee at https://jasravee.com/ Connect with Jasravee on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasravee/ Email Jasravee at jasravee@theadiva.com Follow Jagged with Jasravee on Social Media Campsite One Link : https://campsite.bio/jaggedwithjasravee Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/jaggedwithjasravee Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jagggedwith Podcast Page : https://anchor.fm/jagged-with-jasravee Youtube Page : https://www.youtube.com/c/jaggedwithjasravee 00:00 Preview & Introduction to Shourav Sen 02:48 Different Countries, Different Perspectives: What Oral Care Reveals About Global Attitudes 08:11 Habit Change & Say-Do Gap : Why Do We Say One Thing and Do Another 11:06 Query Yourself : The Power of Self-Reflection 17:13 Unlocking Insights: How to Effectively Query People 20:22 Our Goal vs Intrinsic Beliefs 23:48 Market Research & Insights - 15 Years Back vs Today 26:17 What vs. Why Revolution - Example of Credit Cards 26:53 What vs. Why: The Importance of Understanding Key Motivations 28:37 Limitations of Market Mix Models - Need of Asking Why 32:58 People Centricity - Role of Category in Life 34:33 Power of Observation 35:27 Downside of Focus Groups 37: 58 Innovation - Where Do New Ideas Come From, Giving Choices 40:43 BBC Study on Sexual Habits - Then vs Now 43:12 Changing Methodologies: How Data is Revolutionizing Research 43:54 Pitfalls of Specialization: Why Agencies Need to Adopt Diverse Methodologies 45:58 Joining the Dots: Example of Google How to Synthesize Multiple Sources for Actionable Insights 49:49 Rapid Fire with Shourav Sen - Personally Speaking 52:21 Connecting with the Guest Shourav emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer behavior for business success. He highlights the Say-Do Gap, which is the difference between what people say and what they do. To bridge this gap, companies must analyze behavior and determine why the gap exists. Shourav suggests querying oneself about one's behavior before joining the category to gain insight into consumer behavior. The What revolution, which answers the question "What are people doing," has revolutionized how companies understand consumer behavior. Shourav believes this revolution will continue to grow and become more accurate and predictive. However, he notes that companies must also focus on the "Why" revolution, which involves interpreting data to gain insights into consumer behavior. Jagged with Jasravee, is an initiative of Master Sun, the Consulting Brand of Adiva Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. Website : https://jasravee.com/

53m 19s  ·  Apr 28, 2023

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