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EP 06 : Second Class Ka Dil First Class Mein

Saawan Barse Dil Tarse : Monsoon Love Stories : Romantic Stories

Episode   ·  5,295 Plays

Episode  ·  5,295 Plays  ·  14:56  ·  Jul 26, 2023


This is a story of Mumbai's local train, where Aakash's second-class heart meets Kanishka's first-class heart. Will Aakash be able to talk to Kanishka? Will Kanishka, a high-profile girl, speak to Aakash? Will Aakash's love story be fulfilled or remain incomplete? Listen to this delightful episode of "Saawan Barse Dil Tarse" while enjoying the weather, only on "Audio Pitara". Stay Updated on our shows at audiopitara.com and follow us on Instagram and YouTube @audiopitara. Credits - Audio Pitara Team

14m 56s  ·  Jul 26, 2023

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