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E59 - Suzanne Goulden - You Don't Just Minimize Once - Balancing Minimalism and Crafting

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Episode  ·  53:16  ·  Apr 26, 2023


E59 - Suzanne Goulden - You Don't Just Minimize Once - Balancing Minimalism and CraftingHow do you balance being a minimalist and being a crafter?  Interesting dilemma!Your simpler life begins here.Ladies, we are strong and passionate, and the managers of our homes and families. We bear a lot on our shoulders.Are you feeling overwhelmed with life?Do you dream of a clutter-free house but need guidance on where to get started?Are you feeling out of balance and need ideas to fit self-care into your already too-full life?I can help you simplify your life by helping to identify and providing suggestions to resolve your problem areas. Learn how to take control of your life and free yourself of the stresses weighing you down. I know you’re busy, so I offer affordable 15-minute Booster chats that fit in with your day. I’m here to helpOur Guest - Suzanne Goulden is an Intentional Living Consultant. I help overwhelmed women create peace in their homes and reclaim time to do the things they love by minimizing belongings and simplifying lifestyle.Women who make choices with intention reap the benefits of simplifying their life, reducing stress, and regaining control of their time, money, and space.https://suzannegoulden.com/Virtual Joyful Kitchen Cleanout: https://deft-thinker-4300.ck.page/f6ae483f73Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Pinterest: @suzannegouldenILInstagram: Craft life: @suzannegoulden.artCheck out a great new podcast created just for Dad!  We want to encourage and empower Dads everywhere to be the best Dad they can be!  Check out everything for Dad at https://dadspace.ca/Please share this podcast with a Dad that you love!Buzzsprout is our podcast host for this show!Ready to find a better podcast host for your show? Get a $20 credit applied to your new Buzzsprout Account by using our link! Starting a new show or looking for a better host? Buzzsprout is amazing!https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=1855306Please note! To qualify for this promotion. All accounts must remain on a pay plan and maintained in good standing (paid in full) for 2 consecutive billing cycles before credits are applied to either party.

53m 16s  ·  Apr 26, 2023

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