Bakwaas Bandh Kar

Bakwaas Bandh Kar

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9XM's popular animated heroes – Bade and Chote will now take over the podcast scene with their brand of nonsensical ‘bakwaas’ that is guaranteed to pakao one and all!India has grown up with the humour of Bade & Chote and now you can relive all those happy memories, and if you missed growing up with them then this is your chance to get a dose of their frivolous yet affable humour. Standing, running, walking, sitting under a rock, it just doesn’t matter how you listen to your podcasts, Bade and Chote’s Bakwaas jokes are sure to leave you in splits! Presenting…Poor Jokes ke Amir log….Bade And Chote! Millions of listeners seek out Bingepods (Ideabrew Studios Network content) every day. Get in touch with us to advertise, join the network or click listen to  enjoy content by some of India's top audio Android | Apple

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