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We look at what it takes to be a leader and how some people like Boris Johnson are blessed with a Teflon coat so nothing sticks. It is the court jester phenomenon. The antiestablishment. However the original idea of the Court Jester was an important part of the Sovereign's court as he was the only person allowed free speach to criticise the King (or Queen) in order to ground them and remind them they are not Gods. But being an object of ridicule themselves (with less perceived responsibility for their actions) none of the courtiers wanted to relate or be seen to relate to the Jester. Now however message of the Court Jesters is spread virally by the media and they become celebrities and some even formalise their role as comedians and others use their role as their teflon coat on the way to the top. We also discuss disinitegration of society and loss of identity as far as toxic masculinity serves to emasculate the average male which means they do not know how to behave in their relationships and that is if they have to confidence to go out and get one as there is an increase in addiction on on line dating such as Tinder.

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