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Know Why?

The intersection of science, art, and material design with Rushati Chowdhury

Tiny Farm Friends

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Episode  ·  1:00:58  ·  Jan 23, 2022


Rushati Chowdhury is a visual artist, material designer, and maker at the intersection of science and art. She is trained in textile and now aims to give a new definition to traditional craftsmanship and visual arts, explore new materials, and push the limits of what can be possible with all the matter that nature has provided us. To read the show notes click here.For people who are visually inclined watch the episode on Youtube.Time Stamps 00:00:00 - Intro 00:04:19 - Experiences in the fashion industry 00:07:11 - Sustainability in fashion 00:10:30 - Fast Fashion 00:14:34 - Recycling and organic materials in fashion 00:18:00 - Algorithm driven designs 00:21:05 - Aesthetic vs utility 00:26:40 - Journey with Biomaterials 00:30:22 - Art with Bioplastics 00:32:15 - Ingredients, use cases of Bioplastics 00:38:29 - Mind after midnight installation 00:41:20 - Perception about life and death 00:49:21 - Rushati's childhood 00:51:00 - Role of art and artists 00:53:48 - Dreams aheadConnect with Tiny Farm Lab Website FacebookInstagramTwitter  Linkedin   Connect with Rushati

1h 58s  ·  Jan 23, 2022

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