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What is branding? Does my business need to have a brand? Isn’t branding just a logo and a website? What is more important marketing or branding? And the biggest question of all, how do I even start building a brand? When host, Yvonne Ivanescu, decided to create her brand, Now in Rio, an ethical swimwear label, she ended up asking herself the same questions, and wanted to find the answers. The Branding Lab podcast is a series of honest, informative, and open conversations with industry leaders, designers, and strategists who create and design the brands we love and interact with every day. Each episode will provide advice on how to brand your business from finding your values, purpose, and vision to strategies for engaging with your audience through effective marketing, understanding your brand story, written and visual communications, and so much more. Tune in as we explore what it takes to build a truly strategic, heartfelt brand.

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