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Stop trying to become FUTURE YOU

Brave Marketing

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Episode  ·  16:43  ·  Aug 24, 2022


If you have been in the online coaching world you might have done those ‘future-you’ meditations and you might have felt that pressure to imagine yourself as someone who is a world apart from you, who is so much more confident so much more decisive and a lot more sorted.Your belief is probably based on the idea that you, as you are today, aren't capable of achieving the visions or goals you have for yourself. However, I suggest that the person you are today and the person you will become are very similar.Today's episode of brave marketing is about changing your perspective towards yourself as we're going to discuss the concept of becoming the future you and why it's not something to chase.Hear me -  you are ready now, you are capable now, and whatever you desire is possible now!With these thoughts jump into today's episode to know more Get your free workbook on Soul led Sales at https://swapnathomas.com/soul-led-sales/ Know me more at www.swapnathomas.comWork with me 1:1 https://swapnathomas.com/private-coaching/Connect with me at www.instagram.com/swapnathomascoachingAnd if you liked any bit of this episode, show me some love and leave a review on Apple Podcasts or https://www.podchaser.com/BraveMarketing

16m 43s  ·  Aug 24, 2022

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