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Welcome to Spirit-Centered Business™ with Bralynn Newby. Spiritual principles, Business principles - Combined. The Next Age of doing business by being spirit-centered is coming together in collaboration, working with spiritual principles, and knowing our destiny. We are entrepreneurs, leaders, and business professionals who take the power of the spirit realm in our business seriously. We go beyond just consuming information. We participate, activate, and engage with the supernatural with unbelievable results. Join us as we blend the spiritual with the practical for supernatural results.http://SpiritCenteredBusiness.comAbout the Teleprayers: We created these in 2015-16, and they are so powerful we decided to rebrand them and put them out into the universe again. SO - while the message is good, and the prayers are effective, please ignore any references to what's going on in the world or dates, etc. We're into time travel...but... (Please forgive any poor audio quality. We were doing the best we could at the time.)I also want to give a shout out to Martin Smith, of the Flying Penguins for the terrific voice overs for both the SCB show and the teleprayers. And a huge thank you to Steve Hampton and his Healing Frequencies for the teleprayer bumper music. If you want to get a hold of more of it, get a hold of me. Bralynn@SpiritCenteredBusiness.com

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