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NFT 2.0: Creating Real Value with Sterling Campbell of Minotaur

Innovation with Mark Peter Davis

Episode   ·  13 Plays

Episode   ·  13 Plays  ·  1:01:03  ·  Mar 17, 2022


On this week’s episode I chat with Sterling Campbell, CEO of Minotaur. Minotaur is a web3 platform that helps people and brands launch NFT projects. There are a lot of steps - including a fair bit of technology - required to take an NFT launch from concept to launch. Minotaur’s tech-enabled service does all of this. As they put it, they “bring together artists, blockchain engineers and community managers to build successful NFT projects that can scale.” Sterling has been in NFTs since 2017, which for this space is a long time, so he’s been around the block a few times and learned a bunch of stuff. If you are still scratching your head when you hear about NFT, well he breaks it down pretty well in this conversation. He also dives into what’s wrong with the industry right now and how he is hoping for a transition to what he calls NFTs 2.0, where NFTs flip from their focus on providing membership access to being technically more integrated as a method for adding value to communities.  Sterling is the right guy for this space - he has lived at the nexus of media, entertainment and business. And as far as being in a risky space - that’s not really an issue. He tells us about the time his parachute didn’t open while sky diving.  Oh yeah…and if that wasn’t enough…he’s a DJ that toured with the likes of Lil John and T-Pain. Enjoy the conversation. Show Links: Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/djsterlingc (@djsterlingc), http://twitter.com/mpd (@mpd) Guest Links: https://www.minotaur.io/ (Minotaur) Guest Articles: https://www.forbes.com/sites/columbiabusinessschool/2021/09/13/nfts-what-youre-missing-and-where-theyre-going/?sh=613b97f7358d (NFTs: What You’re Missing And Where They’re Going )Podcast Links: http://mpd.me (Website), https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCua7T3uyg6IQeSbYyNKT_Iw (YouTube), https://twitter.com/mpd (Twitter), https://www.facebook.com/innovationwithmpd (Facebook), https://www.linkedin.com/company/innovationwithmpd (LinkedIn) **Note** I’m an investor in the company.

1h 1m 3s  ·  Mar 17, 2022

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