Ep. 28 feat. Sofia Ashraf

Maed in India

Episode   ·  98 Plays

Episode   ·  98 Plays  ·  52:22  ·  Dec 21, 2015


Tamil rapper Sofia Ashraf is the headliner on today’s show as she talks about her claim to fame 'Kodaikanal Won’t’, Justice Rocks, saving a tree, & ice-cream sandwiches. Also on the bill are Kolkata indie pop-rock outfit that talk about young love in their debut record, and new avatar of an older band from Kolkata that are doing mellower alt-rock. I’ve also got an extra acoustic ditty for you from Zoya Mohan whose performed on Maed in India in Ep.20 previously. Candy Cloud Consipracy (Kolkata indie pop-rock act) Song: Isn’t Just A Dream Album: Make Believe https://soundcloud.com/candy-cloud-conspiracy https://www.facebook.com/ConspiracyCandy/ Zoya Mohan (indie folk singer-songwriter) http://www.zoyamusicofficial.com/ Write in Stereo (Kolkata alternative rock band) Song: Moby https://www.facebook.com/writeinstereo/ https://soundcloud.com/dhruv-sarker/write-in-stereo-moby Sofia Ashraf (Tamil rapper) https://www.facebook.com/sofia.ashraf https://twitter.com/leeterature


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Sofia Ashraf


52m 22s  ·  Dec 21, 2015

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