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Ep 95 : Andrea Belk Olson - Understanding Customers to Differentiate, Compete & Build Customer-Centric Culture

Jagged with Jasravee : Cutting-Edge Marketing Conversations with Thought Leaders

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Episode  ·  52:04  ·  Dec 22, 2022


How can misleading conclusions can be drawn from data?  Understanding the differences between data, information and knowledge?  What is an insight & how does one use it to out-compete competition ? What is the 3 W Ideation process: Why, What & WOW ? How emotions can overpower logic? How cognitive biases influence decisions?  What are the shortcomings of the Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in understanding customers ? Andrea answers the above questions and many more as she takes us on a fascinating journey of understanding customers and building customer centricity in an organization.  Andrea Belk Olson is a differentiation strategist, speaker, author and customer-centricity expert. She is the CEO of Pragmadik, a behavioural science-driven change agency, and has served as an outside consultant for EY and McKinsey.  She is the author of three books, including the upcoming What to Ask: How to Learn What Customers Need but Don’t Tell You; a four-time ADDY® award winner; and, contributing author to Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, ETC. Please visit her Company Website  https://www.pragmadik.com Andrea's Personal Website https://www.andreabelkolson.com Connect with her on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/olsonandrea1/ Jagged with Jasravee is facilitated by Jasravee Kaur Chandra, Director- Brand Building, Research & Innovation at Master Sun, Consulting Brand of Adiva L Pvt. Ltd. Jasravee has over 20 years experience as a Strategic Brand Builder,Communications Leader and Entrepreneur.  Please visit Jasravee at https://jasravee.com/ Connect with Jasravee on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasravee/   Email Jasravee at jasravee@theadiva.com Follow Jagged with Jasravee on Social Media Campsite One Link : https://campsite.bio/jaggedwithjasravee Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/jaggedwithjasravee Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jagggedwithjasravee/ Podcast Page : https://anchor.fm/jagged-with-jasravee Youtube Page : https://www.youtube.com/c/jaggedwithjasravee Index & Outline of the Talk 00:00 Preview & Introduction to Andrea 02:50 Data, Information & Knowledge - How Are They Different 04:45 Going from Data to Insight,  How it is a Key to Unlocking Something New 10:45 Customer Centricity  14:35 3 W Ideation Process - Utilize Customers as Resource for Innovation 20:50 Multiple Perspectives - Understanding a Customer Holistically 23:02 Everybody Needs to Be  Mandated to Meet Customers - Not to Outsource Customer Research 27:22 Emotion vs Data - Problems with Extroplating Data to Predict Future Behavior  31:23 Cognitive Biases like  Maslow's Hammer - One Tool Being a Solution for All Problems 32:59 Cognitive Bias - Bike Shedding 35:30 Understanding Culture & Global Culture & Involving People from a Specific Culture 40:05 Limitations of  Net Promoter Scores - Rationally vs Emotionally Satisfied Customers 44:10 Kickstarting Customer Understanding - Catalyst for Change - Urgent Problem to Solve 47:15 Rapid Fire with Andrea Belk Olson 50:22 Connecting with Andrea Belk Olson Jagged with Jasravee, is an initiative of Master Sun, the Consulting Brand of Adiva Lifestyle  Pvt Ltd. Website : https://jasravee.com/

52m 4s  ·  Dec 22, 2022

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