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Ep 93 : Drew Neisser on Best Practices for Chief Marketing Officers & B2B Branding

Jagged with Jasravee : Cutting-Edge Marketing Conversations with Thought Leaders

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Episode  ·  1 Play  ·  47:52  ·  Nov 24, 2022


How do you become a RENEGADE marketer ? What is the CATS framework for RENEGADE marketing ?, Courageous Strategy - Why ‘clearing the clutter’ is important ? Why differentiation and distinctiveness  is so important? How has Arrow, Ben & Jerry  & other brands applied it ?  Artful Ideation  -The Eight-Word Story & why is it important? How its is not just a tagline; and compels a company to take actions that go well beyond the traditional bounds of marketing?  Thoughtful Execution -How do we engender brand love & make the customers the heroes of  brand story ? Why  every CMO should have at least a few key customers on speed dial ? Scientific Method- How do the CMOs work with CFOs to develop metrics that matter for employee satisfaction, customer advocacy, and prospect interest ?  What should be the most important metrics to measure? What is 'Blended Brand Awareness' tracker?  Drew answers the above questions and many more as he takes us on a fascinating journey to be a CATS CMO. Drew Neisser is the founder of Renegade, the award-winning strategic boutique for B2B innovators, and CMO Huddles, the fast-growing community of B2B CMOs.  Neisser’s first book, The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing, features interviews with sixty-four marketing leaders at top brands, including American Express, Dow, IBM, and SAP.  Drew's  2nd book, is on Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands . Ranked among the top CMO influencers, Drew Neisser  is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing 2022 . He is a host of podcast for B2B CMOs  & an AdAge CMO columnist.  Please connect with him on Linkedin  & he promises to send a chapters of his book for free  https://www.linkedin.com/in/drewneisser/ Please visit his  company website https://renegade.com/ Jagged with Jasravee is facilitated by Jasravee Kaur Chandra, Director- Brand Building, Research & Innovation at Master Sun, Consulting Brand of Adiva L Pvt. Ltd. Jasravee has over 20 years experience as a Strategic Brand Builder,Communications Leader and Entrepreneur.  Please visit Jasravee at https://jasravee.com/ Connect with Jasravee on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasravee/   Email Jasravee at jasravee@theadiva.com Index 00:00 Preview & Introduction to Drew Neisser 02:33 Book Renegade Marketing - Best Practices of Successful CMOs 05:35  CATS Framework after Interviewing 500+ CMOs 07:45 Courageous Strategy - Focus & 'Clear Away the Clutter' 11:01 Courageous Strategy - Daring to Be Distinct - Arrow  Electronics Case Study 13:15 Courageous Strategy - Pounce on Purpose like Ben & Jerry's Ice cream or KIND Snacks 16:49 Artful Ideation - Perfect Pithy- Find Your Eight Word Story 19:25 Purpose Driven Story Statement -How not to do it - Family Circle Magazine 21:35 Purpose Driven Story Statement - How to do it - Case Paper 23:13 Thoughtful Execution - Customers on Speed Dial, User Committees, Customer Advisory Board 30:12 Thoughtful Execution- Renegade Marketer Puts Employees First 32:10 Scientific Method- Key Metrics - Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Brand & Sales Velocity  37:44 Scientific Method - Blended Brand Health Tracker 44:49 Rapid Fire - Personally Speaking with Drew Nessier 46:16 Connect with Drew Nessier Jagged with Jasravee, is an initiative of Master Sun, the Consulting Brand of Adiva Lifestyle  Pvt Ltd. Website : https://jasravee.com/

47m 52s  ·  Nov 24, 2022

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