Consistency Requires Submission #3

Consistency Requires Submission #3



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'Do you have trouble being consistent on the way to your goal and dream? Is it hard for you to overcome negative inconsistencies in your faith walk? Do you view consistency from a Godly or worldly standard? Do you know that how you view consistency determines the level and degree of consistency in your life? Do you believe that consistency can be a constant in your life?' Scriptural Reference & Study: 1 John 1:9Hebrews 13:5Acts 2:38Genesis 2:1-25This weeks' message reminds us that we are called to consistency in light of God's grace to us and look at scriptural ways that we can be consistent.A Special Mystery Shout of Thanks To:‘The beauty of nature and upon the earth which continually shows the constant love of God'. -GCStewart***THE TIME TO CHANGE IS NOW******The Mystery's Challenge Of For Us All***‘Be honest with yourself about the areas in your life where A LACK OF CONSISTENCY HAS NOT ALLOWED YOU TO REALIZE A DREAM OR DESTINY in an area of your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your thinking in accordance with God, His word. way & will TO RENEW YOUR DESIRE FOR CONSISTENCY.' Amen.www.CenturionFaithMinistries.comCount Your Blessings & Expect a Miracle This Week!!!…..Be Encouraged & Keep Smiling! God is working….Thank you for being my friend….God Bless you….It Is My Privilege To Serve You….Let Us All Wake Up To ‘True’ Reality of the Love of God, His Spirit & Mind Within & Be Blessed….ALL QUESTIONS? CONCERNS? COMMENTS? SUGGESTIONS? ARE WELCOME!! GET AT ME OR LEAVE COMMENT!!Let’s connect to build a better me…..a better you…..a better world!!!!DO YOU KNOW GOD ‘PERSONALLY’? IF NOT, YOU CAN…..RIGHT NOW….TODAY!!If you have never trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and are tired of going through trials on your own, why not come to Him now? He can fill the void in your life with all the love, peace, joy and power you can imagine. Humbly, give Him entrance into your life and He’ll walk with you through every issue and difficulty giving you an unshakable hope in every area of your life. More than that, He suffered in both your place and my place on the cross so that we could be forgiven and experience His peace with God forever. My friend, accept the continual offer of salvation of God through Christ Jesus to all mankind by praying the following prayer from your heart in faith……‘Lord Jesus, I believe You are truly the Son of God. I confess you as Lord and that I have missed the mark of your standards and sinned in my thought, word and deed. Forgive me and let me live in a conscious relationship with You from now on. I receive You as my personal Lord and Savior, accepting the work you accomplished on the cross by faith. Thank you for saving me. Give me the desire learn from you fully trusting Your Word, spiritual principles and wisdom. Help me to live a life that is not only pleasing to You but also beneficial to others and myself in a way that gives glory to God. In your Holy Name Jesus Christ I pray. Amen’.***AFFIRM***iIovemylife……BECAUSE MY CONSISTENCY CONQUERS A QUITTING SPIRIT!!!TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY PLEASE CLICK BELOWwww.CenturionFaithMinistries.comGod Loves You…Trust Jesus Christ,Expect Success,“What you desire knows you desire it….It is only waiting for you to ACT!”-Evangelist GCStewartFor Comfort, Encouragement, Inspiration, Insight or Prayer

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