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Blitzscale or Die: A How to Guide For Startups & Founders with Chris Yeh of Blitzscaling Ventures

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Episode   ·  33 Plays

Episode  ·  33 Plays  ·  59:17  ·  Jan 27, 2022


Chris Yeh is the General Partner of Blitzscaling Ventures and author of the book Blitzscaling.Chris co-wrote the book with his good friend Reid Hoffman (who - as many of you probably know - is the founder of LinkedIn). The book explains when and how to focus on scaling rapidly to beat the competition in a winner-take-all market. The nuance is the concept of prioritizing speed over efficiency in an environment of uncertainty.Blitzscaling is certainly a popular strategy in today’s startup world where everything is moving a million miles a minute, but - as you’ll hear us discuss - it’s not necessarily the right move for everyone. Chris and I talked about some exceptions, including a few companies I’ve personally seen play the long game of organic growth and outlast their competition.In addition to the book, we chatted about the VC fund Chris started called Blizcaling Ventures - where he leverages the blitzscaling concept to inform his investment strategy.Chris also shared some awesome life hacks, a hilarious story from the early days of the internet and a pretty awesome personal story about the time he competed on - and won - a game show. Enjoy and thanks for listening.Show LinksFollow us on Twitter: @chrisyeh, @mpdGuest Links: Blitzscaling (the book), Blitzscaling Ventures, Unreasonable GroupArticle Links: Tim O’Reilly - Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3Podcast Links: Website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

59m 17s  ·  Jan 27, 2022

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