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21: 021 - Anupam Ghosh - Founder and managing partner of FinSecure


Episode   ·  705 Plays

Episode  ·  705 Plays  ·  15:42  ·  Dec 19, 2022


Instead of looking at the market on a day-to-day basis, trying to invest at the lowest point and then taking out your money at the highest point, which is not always possible. If that were so easy, there would have been a supercomputer or a software to tell you when to enter and when to exit. It is impossible to time the market. The only way you can create wealth is giving time to the market. Once you have created a goal and a portfolio, don’t start watching it every day!” Anupam Ghosh is the founder and managing partner of FinSecure, a modern financial services firm that provides sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to recommend personalised investment solutions. Anupam has over 20 years of experience in the industry. In this episode of The Moneywise Podcast, Anupam helps investors understand the benefits of staying invested in the market for the long-term, and not obsessing over or getting swayed by daily fluctuations.

15m 42s  ·  Dec 19, 2022

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