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03 - TritIya Adhyay

Chanakya Neeti (Sutra Sahit)

Episode   ·  29,078 Plays

Episode  ·  29,078 Plays  ·  23:41  ·  Jun 12, 2023


This audiobook is a compilation of teachings by Chanakya, a prominent figure in ancient Indian literature. Among the numerous works of ethics literature in Sanskrit, Chanakya Neeti holds a significant place. It provides practical advice in a succinct style to lead a happy and successful life. Its main focus is to impart practical wisdom for every aspect of life. It emphasizes values like righteousness, culture, justice, peace, education, and the overall progress of human life. This book beautifully integrates life principles, practical behavior, ideals, and reality. To enjoy more interesting audio stories, listen to "Audio Pitara." Stay Updated on our shows at audiopitara.com and follow us on Instagram and YouTube @audiopitara Credits - Audio Pitara Team POq6HCrKp7N5d1KeevrY

23m 41s  ·  Jun 12, 2023

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