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0038 - The courage to be disliked book summary [4 powerful life lessons]

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The book I'm covering in this video - The courage to be dislikedThe courage to be disliked is a life changing book, if there ever was one.And I do not say that lightly. As someone who has spent a good few years reading, devouring & digesting multiple non fiction books, of the self help kind, of the philosophy kind, of the psychology kind etc, I have a certain level of discernment now when it comes to recommending books.This book is, in fact, the most recent addition to my list of favourite books.In this episode of the unlearning playground podcast, I wanted to get into a brief summary of what the courage to be disliked is all about and why I recommend it (and in fact also gift it) to almost everyone looking for some must read books. I also share 4 key powerful unlearnings (read life lessons) I think everyone should gather from this book, so even if I am not able to encourage you enough to pick this book for yourself, at least spend 14 minutes with me on this video so that you get a glimpse of the nectar it has to offer.If I'm able to encourage you enough, please check out the book on Amazon from here.==== Outline ====(00:00) - Why this book(00:32) - Intro to the courage to be disliked(02:04) - How this book is different than most others(03:09) - What I love the most about this book(03:50) - A summary of the book summary(04:31) - Life lesson 1 - Trauma does not exist(06:28) - Life lesson 2 - The separation of tasks(08:00) - Life lesson 3 - Life lies(09:54) - Life lesson 4 - A bigger perspective of life(10:55) - What I don't like about this book(13:02) - An invitation, in closingWell, alright then.Let's catch up in the playground.Until next time.Peace out.--------------Here's the video for 3 perspectives on Life that I talked about in this episode - https://youtu.be/38C1v-WbydkCheck out all of my work on my website -https://chetannarang.org/For one-on-one personal sessions for life coaching, counselling & philosophical mentorship with me -https://chetannarang.org/nondual-philosophical-counselling-mentorship/Subscribe to my channel here - https://www.youtube.com/c/TheUnlearningPlaygroundConnect with me, Chetan Narang, on Instagram here -https://www.instagram.com/nrng.chetan/Checkout The Unlearning Playground podcast here -https://chetannarang.org/the-unlearning-playground-by-chetan-narang/

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