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Yuba County 5 - The Evidence


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Episode  ·  1:08:25  ·  Sep 3, 2022


In part one, I described "The Boys" to you and gave you a little bit of their backgrounds. I described their disappearance and where their bodies were discovered as well as their condition. In this part, I'll go over some of the evidence and discuss the one person who is my main suspect in the case. Just exactly how The Boys got to the Forest Ranger's trailer is a big mystery in itself. There was anywhere between 3 and 6 feet of snow the night they disappeared on that mountain. Also, they had to hike over 10 miles (some say up to 19) up the mountain, in the snow, at night, with no light source, in unfamiliar territory, wearing clothes that weren't suited for such a situation. How did they find the trailer? Did they know it would be there, or did they simply get lucky? Why didn't they eat all the food, start a fire or turn on the propane heater? Why did they leave one of them in the trailer to die alone? The main "witness", (and suspect", Joseph Schons claims that he saw them that night. He supposedly was on the very same road, just down from their car. He claims that his own car was stuck in the snow and he was also having a "heart attack," yet was able to get out of his car and call on them for help. They didn't answer, according to him. The rest of his story doesn't add up, either. Schons was a pathological liar and drug dealer. Perhaps he couldn't help himself but to tell a lie? Maybe he wanted his fifteen minutes of fame? Or, maybe he was in the middle of a drug deal and was trying to draw attention away from it. He's the only one that knows the truth. To hear the rest about the evidence, you'll have to Turn On, Tune In & Fnd Out!

1h 8m 25s  ·  Sep 3, 2022

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