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Your Car is a Privacy Nightmare, Password Creation Best Practices, Sony Hacked Again

Shared Security

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Episode  ·  27:28  ·  Oct 9, 2023


In this episode, we discuss the Mozilla Foundation's alarming report that reveals why cars are the top privacy concern. Modern vehicles, equipped with data-collecting tech, pose significant risks to consumers' privacy, with data sharing even extending to law enforcement. Listen in to our discussion as we explore the urgent need for transparency and *gasp* regulations in the automotive industry. Next, we explore the best practices around password creation and why password requirements are so different between organizations and applications you use every day. Lastly, Sony has suffered two security breaches in the past four months. In their latest breach, we discuss how a zero-day vulnerability led to unauthorized access and the Clop ransomware gang's involvement, affecting thousands of individuals. Show notes: https://sharedsecurity.net/2023/10/09/your-car-is-a-privacy-nightmare-password-creation-best-practices-sony-hacked-again/

27m 28s  ·  Oct 9, 2023

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