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Workflows with Braulio Rocha

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Episode  ·  37:47  ·  May 1, 2023


In this episode, Scott speaks with Bar and Bat Mitzvah and wedding photographer, Braulio Rocha, about his photographic and photography business workflows.Braulio Rocha is a Montreal-based Wedding & Bar Mitzvahs photographer. New York Times wrote a full-page article about Braulio, calling him "Montreal's Bar Mitzvah King of photography". Braulio has a fascinating career path, as shared by The Montreal Gazzet in a piece titled "From Janitor to Entrepreneur: A Montreal Immigrant Success story". He is the father of two beautiful girls and is married to the love of his life, Sonia. Braulio is a speaker, educator, and motivator. (00:00) - 018 (07:28) - What is one thing that you do for the photographic process that has saved you time? (12:35) - What is one thing that you do for the business that saves you time or money? (19:22) - What is one thing that you do for editing that has saved you time? (24:05) - What is one thing that you do after a session that has increased business? (26:33) - Can you share an outlined breakdown of your workflow from lead to delivery? (28:40) - What does the future of AI in photography look like to you? (31:09) - How did Imagen impact your life? Discussed in this episode Exploring the Benefits of Workflows Reflections on the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Market Exploring the Benefits of Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography Turning Off Lights for Optimal Control and Storytelling Conversation on Controlling Light for Wedding Photography Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography: Saving Time and Money The Benefits of High-Priced Bar Mitzvah Packages and Product Upsells The Benefits of Offering a Gallery-Only Package in Wedding Photography Conversation on Increasing Business Through Post-Session Workflows Join the Imagen Community on Facebook to continue the discussions between episodes.Imagen has your back with Cloud Backups.Whether you're a solo photographer or part of a studio, Imagen's scalable cloud storage solution is perfect for projects of any size. It seamlessly integrates backup into your workflow, letting you focus on culling and editing your photos.Your photos are securely stored and protected in our vault, treated just as you would want them. If you run your edits through Imagen, then your edits are also stored alongside your images.Learn more about Imagen’s Cloud Backup and why having a proper, structured photography backup workflow is so important.Lite Personal AI Profiles Are Available Now.Lite Personal AI Profiles do not require any existing edits to learn from. We at Imagen have always believed in the power of AI to enhance your creativity, complement your skills, and never overshadow them.Led by this principle and the recent introduction to Imagen Workspace, our Lite Personal AI Profile is designed to reflect your unique personal style and artistic vision, ensuring your creative voice remains at the forefront of every photo.With Lite Personal AI Profiles you can create an AI Profile based on your Lightroom Classic presets combined with a short survey to personalize the training process.We can't wait for you to try it, and hear how it works for you! Visit the Imagen Community on Facebook for a preview of this powerful new feature.Discover all the fresh additions here.

37m 47s  ·  May 1, 2023

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