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Why founders should also be investors with Jyri Engeström from Yes VC

Understanding VC

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Episode  ·  1:00:33  ·  Sep 26, 2023


Jyri's deck on How to Invest in Startups Even If You’re Not a VCIn this episode we discuss:[00:01:14] Introduction: Defining "Dual Threat CEOs"[00:02:35] Getting on Other People’s Cap Tables is About Developing Social Capital[00:03:42] Importance of Starting Early in Your Career[00:06:31] Turning Your Angel Investing into a Fund[00:08:28] How to Invest with Limited Capital[00:11:24] Thinking About Everything as an Opportunity to Invest[00:14:57] Why You Should Invite Other Operators on Your Cap Table[00:24:44] Exploring "Parallel Entrepreneurs"[00:29:20] A Structured Approach to Angel Investing[00:38:00] Importance of Starting Early in Your Career[00:41:00] Why You Should Not Stop Investing[00:42:42] Doubling Down on Your Winner[00:48:00] Doing All This in the U.S. vs Europe[00:52:18] How Jyri Invests in and Starts Companies at Yes VC[00:55:29] Forming a Venture Studio Around a Single Exceptional Founder[00:56:51] Having Multiple Parallel Successes[00:57:29] Easier to Let One Fail When You Have Many, Psychological Benefits of Not Depending on One ThingAbout:Jyri Engeström is an early investor in Unity, Dapper Labs, Oura, and many other successful companies. Together with his partner Caterina Fake he runs Yes VC, an early stage firm based in San Francisco. Before starting Yes VC he founded two companies. The first one sold to Google, the second one to Groupon.

1h 33s  ·  Sep 26, 2023

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